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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

[C]inta [B]ukan [S]ekadar [K]ata-[K]ata [I]ndah.

what is the real meaning of "loving"?

you can say it a hundred times. everyone can do that. "i love you." yeah. and you believe it. everything’s fine.

but it’s not like that. it’s not as easy as saying it.

somehow we don’t need words. we need proofs.

love is about caring about your partner, not just pretending to be.

love is about respecting your partner no matter what they do. as long as it’s good for him/her.

love is about being more understanding after one fight.

love is about forgiving for any mistake(s) your partner has done. but maybe somehow it’s hard to get rid of it.

love is sharing feelings for each other.

love is being patient with your partner.

love is a sacrifice.

but love is understanding. if you can understand, why should you sacrifice?

i guess true love needs no victim.

hmmmm. i’m getting confused by these loving things.

have you been a good lover?

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