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Friday, April 15, 2011

when a boy jelouse.....

"When a boy gets jealous its kinda cute. But when a girl gets jealous, world war III is about to start."

Jealousy is a natural reaction to insecurities that stem in a relationship that are either real or imagined; either way it's a red flag. People on the whole are trained early on not to discuss jealousy because it's considered something we all can control. We can control our physical reactions to it, but we can't control ourselves from feeling it. If someone is making you feel jealous, you may want to examine why you feel this way first, before you continue with the relationship.

p/s to incik Tomei..y u must jelouse wif me????
i bukan lah sesaper pada u kn..len lah u dah fall in lurve wif me,,ngeeeeeee

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